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Welcome to my website!

Project Miku Bots:

I've made my Bots mainly for my own servers but decided to let other servers to use them too. Since I really miss alot of functions on other bots, I wanted to get a full package of Server Management commands on a single Bot. Therefore I'm extending and updating the commands to make handling discord servers easier.

An example of functions which my bots have:

Leveling system, Role management, Modlogs, Marriage system, Fun commands, Basic and extended user commands, Server protection (global user blacklist and raid protection)

If you have any questions regarding my bot project, feel free to contact me:


Bots are not public for now, until future notice!

Feel free to support & keep my bots alive: https://www.patreon.com/dimxxz



My Bot Support server

Currently supported by:

Mouser from Mario 2#2999