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Miku Bot FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Autorole giving errors about not having permissions to assign a role to new users

- Move the role "Hatsune Miku" higher in the Role Settings (Server Settings). The Bot role needs to be on higher position than the roles that the Bot can assign. Role Management Permission has to be active!

- Using "cleanup messages" command sometimes gives out errors.

- At the moment the Bots can only remove messages which are not older than 14 days. Every message which is over 14 days old can't be removed by the Bot command

- Lottery gives off errors when it's ended

- Lottery can only be used by user which have registered a bank account on the Bot. If the lottery picks a winner which doesn't have a bank account on Hatsune Miku then you will end up with an error.

- How to use Raidprotection v2.0?

- Set the amount of users which should trigger the module. Once the set amount of users join within 15 seconds, the module will get triggered and put all new users to the raid channel. To deactivate it, use the toggle command. To let users, that ended up in the raid channel, use the rest of the server, remove the role "raid" from their userprofile in Server Settings.

Before you use Raid-protect v2.0, please set up your Admin & Moderator roles (or use the roles Admin & Moderator)

+set adminrole §role§

+set modrole $role$

- Audio player doesn't play all youtube links

- All songs over 30min will be auto dropped by the Bot. Use shorter songs

- Some commands give out errors

- Since I update commands from time to time and change them to Embeds, my Bots require "Embed Links" permission. If this permission is missing on the Bot role then you will end up getting errors. The more permissions my Bots have, the more functions can be used.


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